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Realtor® vs. Agent: Which Is Better?

When you’re getting ready to buy or sell your home, you’ll want to select the right real estate professional to suit your needs. Who you choose matters, and there’s a distinct difference between working with a certified Realtor® or just a regular agent. Do you know what sets a Realtor® apart? Here are all the details.

Certified Expertise

Realtor® and client

Although both Realtors® and agents have valid real estate licenses, only one has been certified by a national board of experts. One of the biggest benefits of working with a Realtor® is their amazing expertise. To earn their title, they must apply to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) and meet a variety of other requirements.

If an agent is able to join the NAR, you can definitely trust them to guide you through the buying or selling process. Although many agents are knowledgeable and dedicated, Realtors® take things to an entirely different level and elevate their clients’ experience.

An Massive Network of Contacts

Realtor® with contacts

Real estate is all about networking—and Realtors® have plenty of contacts to help with all of your needs. Because they’re members of the NAR, they can reach out to their colleagues for advice and even find vetted service providers for you. Whether you’re looking for a good home inspector or a top-notch attorney, they’ll have your back.

While regular agents often have a network of their own, they’re often limited to their service area. Realtors® have contacts all across the country, which is especially handy if you’re relocating!

Extensive Education

Stack of books

Both agents and Realtors® have to take classes from state-certified institutions before they begin buying or selling homes. However, Realtors® never stop learning, even after they receive their license.

If a Realtor® wants to earn their title, they have to subscribe to a stringent code of ethics and take a test every four years to maintain membership. The NAR also offers various courses to give Realtors® a leg up—and they pass that knowledge directly onto their clients.

A Strict Code of Ethics

Realtor® shaking hands

Perhaps the most important advantage of working with a Realtor® is their fierce dedication to the people they serve. Before joining the NAR, every agent must be familiar with the 17 Articles of the Code of Ethics. The Code details everything a Realtor® must do to be fair and protect their clients’ interests—and it offers more advantages than you might expect.

According to the Code of Ethics, Realtors® must always work to protect their clients and act as an unbiased agent. Their honesty, unbiased nature, and extensive knowledge make them an asset in any real estate transaction.

Ready to Work with a Realtor®?

Working with a Realtor® can make a huge difference in your real estate experience—and we’re here to help! If you’re thinking about making a move to the Central Ohio area, just give the Shaffer Team a call. We’re here to satisfy both your buying and selling needs.

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