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4 Reasons to Host an Open House

Agents and sellers alike are divided when it comes to open houses. This traditional marketing tool has been used for decades—and believe it or not, it’s still an effective way to get a home sold. If you’re on the fence about hosting an open house, we have a few reasons for it that might change your mind.

Fewer Showings

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Let’s face it—showing your home is no easy task. Last-minute appointments, tons of cleaning, and always rearranging your schedule can get old after a while, but hosting an open house could be the perfect solution.

Open houses often bring in a wide variety of buyers, and they don’t have to schedule an appointment to look inside your place. That means you’ll only have to clean, prepare, and plan for one event instead of a few. It’s less work in the long run, and you can still show off everything your home has to offer.

More Foot Traffic

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When you list your home, your agent will probably have a strategic marketing plan to help attract buyers. However, individual showings don’t bring in a big crowd. Although open houses may seem antiquated, it’s still the best way to increase foot traffic to your listing.

The numbers don’t lie—according to, 20% of mid-price point buyers and 30% of luxury buyers go to open houses to decide which property to buy that very weekend. Believe it or not, open houses can actually attract as many as 100 potential buyers during peak real estate season!

Less Pressure

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Many buyers feel pressured to make a decision during a showing, and they may hide their true feelings about your home. Open houses offer a more casual atmosphere, which allows visitors a chance to really explore. That means they could be more likely to come back for another showing…or even make a deal on the spot.

Instead of rushing through a timed showing, buyers may be tempted to ask more questions or linger at an open house. Your agent will be present throughout the event, and it’s a more relaxed opportunity for them to make connections and scope out a potential sale.

Meet the Neighbors

Women strolling to an open house

Open houses often attract more than just buyers. Although this might seem like a bad thing, it can be more beneficial than you’d think. People from around the block may pop in to say hello, and you can use this to your advantage.

If you’re friendly with your neighbors, invite them to your open house and have them speak to buyers. They can share what it’s like to really live in your community and show off the area’s best amenities! Mentioning your neighborhood’s amazing pool complex or a cool restaurant down the road can actually impact a sale.

Getting Ready to Sell?

If you’re gearing up to sell, it’s essential to have the right team of experts on your side. Luckily, the Don Shaffer Team has everything you need to ace your open house. Feel free to reach out to us for selling resources, advice, and everything in between.

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