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Three Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Virtually

Are you still on the fence about selling your home? While it might not be possible to host a lot of in-person showings right now, you can still use the power of technology to sell your home virtually. Virtual selling is also easier—and not as time-consuming—than you might expect!

How to Sell Your Home Virtually in Central Ohio

The Shaffer Team has made it easy for you to sell your home online. You can get started by checking out our dedicated virtual resources and giving us a call with any questions.

Selling your home virtually is easy, and you might even prefer it over traditional real estate. Here are a few tips that can help get you (and your home) ready for the process!

1. Deep clean your home

Cleaning Home Floors

Although most buyers will tour your home virtually, but it’s still important that everything is as clean as it can possibly be. Cameras are pretty clear these days, and videos or photos are going to expose things that you wouldn’t expect (like a few dust bunnies that you’ve forgotten about!).

Make sure to clean everywhere, too…cameras can show weird angles that most people wouldn’t see if they were physically there. Every room, especially those with lots of natural light, should be cleaned—it’s time for spring cleaning anyway, so it’s perfect timing. 

2. Pay attention to natural light

Natural Light in White Kitchen

It’s no secret that natural light can change a room for the better in almost every situation. This works the same on camera, too. You’ll want to have as much light as possible shining through your windows. Be sure to also adjust your blinds or window treatments so they also look equally as good on camera.

You can make small changes to highlight any natural light you have, such as sticking with a neutral color palette and keeping tall furniture away from windows. Adding mirrors can also reflect tons of natural light!

3. Declutter and organize every room

Lady Packing Clutter

When you sell your home virtually, your entire space will be displayed on a screen for all interested buyers. This means that any clutter you have will look much worse during a virtual tour….and you want your home to look its best!

Pack up any clutter and set it in a storage area, like an attic or garage. This saves time on packing after you sell your home, too, so don’t be afraid to put away a lot of keepsakes or decorations. In most cases, staged homes feature very few decorations. However, those decorations are often neutral yet impactful!

Ready to Start Selling Virtually?

The Shaffer Team is ready to help you virtually sell your home in the Central Ohio area, and our exclusive guide can help you navigate every step of the process. We have plenty of resources to help you as a seller, so feel free to reach out when you’re ready to take the next steps in virtual selling!

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